Week 1

For my topic I have always been interested in the events that took place during World War 1. I feel that growing up, there was always a significant portion in school devoted to World War II and the politics and atrocities that went along with it. Personally I want to learn more about World War 1 and its events that lead up to the second World War, the Cold War and how wars are fought currently. Obviously World War 1 is an extremely broad topic and has a vast collection of categories, I want to look at the politics and the circumstances that lead to the war.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is largely credited for the start of the war but in reality it was only the spark that ignited an already looming war. The politics behind it fascinate me and being a political science student I am always fascinated in politics but my second love, if not equally my first, is history or more specifically history of wars. I chose this war in particular because of how it shaped the world and transitioned us into a new era. This war was the first war fought since the Industrial Revolution and was preceded by a long period of military build up and tension between European countries. This is still a vague topic and I will begin to become more specific as my research continues.


2 thoughts on “Week 1

    1. More of a focus topic will be the technology that was used and how it influenced the war. Biological warfare was first used in the war and we also saw the development of planes and trench warfare.


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