Are The Warriors The Team To Beat?

NonStop ShotBlock

    It’s pretty straight forward, are the Warriors the team to beat next year? Obviously there is a lot more to answering this question then just what the Warriors have done but it really starts with what others have done. The Warriors iterated to us that in order to win a championship, everything you knew about winning in basketball is irrelevant and it is time to change. The NBA for so long was dominated by the presence of a big-man and the help of a wing or guard. The Warriors said, fuck that and decided a stout 6’7 forward would do the trick. Now, to their credit lights out three point shooting and exceptional ball handling was also a pretty considerable factor. But couldn’t we say that the Warriors were given favorable match-ups on their way to their first title since 1975. I do not want to discredit their successes and talented team but…

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